Generating circular gallifreyan for prettier menus

Gallifreyan is a fictive language from the TV series Doctor Who. The show is great, and the circular designs used in the show are pure art. Fortunately, some fans sat down and completely defined a font based on those designs – you can find the guide for Sherman’s Gallifreyan here, but there are other fonts out there as well.

I wanted my smarthome’s menu in gallifreyan. Unfortunately, the currently only other generator out there is lacking a few important features: Numbers, sentences, and less important, correct vowel placement. So I decided to implement my own generator, trying to get as close to the definitions in the guide as possible.

There’s not much to discuss here. The whole project boils down to a ton of circle math, which actually got quite easy once I got the hang of it: It’s mostly just calculating points based on another point, radius and angle, or calculating angles based on two points, and then modifying all those calculations to get other points out of it.

The generator is available here. Features:

  • Support for sentences
  • Support for numbers
  • Vowels are placed in the previous consonant
  • Double vowels are stacked on each other
  • Basic punctuation support
  • Available as a react module

The repository is here.

Even though the generated graphics aren’t as artistic as hand made ones, I still like the result and keep using it in my smarthome’s menu, for now. It’s even prettier with animated stars in the background.